Junk Food Salad

My friends and family have come to expect that I equal great food. People come to our home hungry knowing that I almost always have something in store for them. Junk food saladSadly sometimes life gets away from us and we run out of time to plan great food! I came up with the idea for Junk Food Salad on just such an occasion.

There I was with hungry guests and nothing to serve them. I didn’t even have a full bag of potato chips! So I took my big salad bowl and mixed together all the odds and ends of junk food that I did have basically making my own party mix. I popped in a bag of microwave popcorn to excite their noses and tossed it all together when it was ready.

I know this isn’t terribly inventive but by serving it with the salad tongs in the bowl it suddenly isn’t just a party mix but Junk Food Salad! Surprisingly this went over really well with our party go-ers. Never underestimate the power of presentation.

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Pam van Woerkom is the chef and owner of Time To Eat a Vancouver based personal chef service that specializes in preparing delicious and balanced home-cooked meals in advance for you so you can get the most out of life.

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